What’s On Your Do List?

Do Space removes the limits to what you can accomplish. Enroll in a computer class to develop technology skills for a new job, work on a creative project using design software, prototype a product in our 3D printing lab, or even build a website. You can get the skills and learn the software you need to move your life in a new direction. The best part? It is totally free.


There’s never been a place quite like Do Space, so we know you’ve got questions! Reach out to ask or to say hi. Email us at hello@dospace.org.

Can I learn how to use a computer at Do Space?

Yes, absolutely! At Do Space, we believe in empowering people to learn. We offer classes to help you get started, as well as one-hour mentor sessions, in addition to a variety of online digital resources. To take advantage of all the opportunities with technology, we encourage our members to be willing to learn and experiment independently, but our staff is available to answer questions as you learn.

Can someone at Do Space fix my computer?

Do Space does not provide technology repair services. Our staff and volunteers will not make adjustments or changes to any personal devices. At Do Space, we empower people to use technology on their own.

Can I get help using equipment in the 3D Lab?

We offer classes on specific subjects related to 3D printing that you can sign up for in advance. At times, we have volunteers and staff who can answer general questions about the 3D printing process, though that largely depends on how busy the space is at the time. In general, it is best to sign up for a class first and then come in to experiment and learn on your own.

What printing services do you offer?

We offer standard and large-format printing as well as 3D printing. Details on printing can be found here.

Jump Start Learning

There’s no limit to what you can do once you understand technology; all you need to do is get started. From becoming a member to your first visit to Do Space, learn everything you need to know to get future-ready with us.