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Virtual Interview Lab

Have a job interview coming up? Click below to learn how to book today!

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After School Club

Join us Monday-Thursday online for an afternoon of fun! Each day has a different theme to learn a new skill or participate in a new activity.

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Littles Lab Webinar

We will explore topics like letters, numbers, math, simple physics, calendars and more using interactive games and apps in this kid-focused webinar series.

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Lunch & Learn

Check out our new webinar series hosted over the lunch hour as a way to make the program accessible to anyone in the working field or at home!

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Do Space is a technology library open to everyone in Omaha. We provide free access to the latest software, devices, and ultra-fast internet. Our programs and events will provide the support you need to help make you future-ready.

  • Use a Computer
    Use a Computer
  • Experiment & Learn
    Experiment & Learn
  • Check Out Tech
    Check Out Tech
  • Interact with Family
    Interact with Family
  • Use the Printer
    Use the Printer
  • Engage with Community
    Engage with Community

Technology for everyone

From beginner to advanced, toddlers to senior citizens, we offer something for all ages and levels of experience. Do Space is for anyone who wants to learn.

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Get future-ready by becoming a Do Space member. In order to take advantage of these community resources, sign up online or in person at the Do Space Information Desk.