In our Winter 2019 Make.Hack.Build. session, ten participants spent twelve weeks learning how to create interactive films and games with virtual reality. They used Unreal to quickly create prototypes and they showed them off to the public. Six participated in Make Omaha

A walk in the forest by Trisha

Trisha made an interactive forest scene where you can check out animals up close.

Flooding by Le’Anthony


Le’Anthony made a game that explores what it’s like to recover your favored possessions from your house during a flooding crisis.

Anorexia by Lola

Lola created a short film where viewers can take on the perspective of an individual suffering from anorexia.

Flash Room by Isaac and Sulan


You can dive into the world of the famous superhero, the Flash. Isaac and Sulan recreated the lab from the show.

Claustrophobia by Alex


Experience what it feels like to have Claustrophobia and Alex’s short film.

All our participants did a fantastic job at Make Omaha! The next Make.Hack.Build session’s topic is Project invent. You can read more about Make.Hack.Build. and apply for the Summer 2019 Session here.

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