Too many women entrepreneurs experience challenges as a result of doing it all alone. The women’s empowerment movement encourages us to ‘collaborate over compete’ and to lift each other up, but the path to collaboration is not always clear. 

As a woman entrepreneur, I was all too familiar with this problem. I soon found out that I wasn’t alone in experiencing the time-consuming and often frustrating journey that comes from trying to secure valuable brand partnerships. In late 2017, I made it my mission to create a powerful solution to this challenge by connecting women in business who wanted to be allies. 

Fueled by the consequences of not having an ally and the demands of female bosses across the country, the HerHeadquarters mobile app was born. The exclusive platform will not only provide immediate access to collaborations with women entrepreneurs in industries like tech, fashion, beauty, entertainment, public relations, and events, but it will also change the narrative and image of women who collaborate in the process.

Releasing next month in Omaha, Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami, a new wave of powerful partnerships is about to be formed. Women entrepreneurs and freelancers who join the game-changing app will enjoy the ease of securing local and national brand partnerships with fellow female entrepreneurs for upcoming projects, events, and campaigns. 

With pre-launch sign-ups from women all over the country, there’s no better time to discover why the time to be bold, be powerful, and be an ally is now.

Beta testing rolls out the first week of May! If you are a woman entrepreneur interested in joining the platform, please visit the HerHeadquarters website to learn more. Users can get started with the free version of the app or opt for a subscription with access to premium features.

Interested in learning more about the Do Space Women Innovators Fellowship Program? Read on.

About Author
Carina Glover, Do Space Fellow

Carina is a recipient of the 2019 Do Space Women Innovators Fellowship. She is building a mobile app called HerHeadquarters that will empower Omaha women entrepreneurs to collaborate with peers in LA, NYC, and beyond.