A couple of months ago I was approached to help design a logo for Do Space’s free computer programing course, Hello Code. With it’s name being a direct take on “Hello World,” this 4-week long programing course is designed to give people a taste of HTML / CSS.

Having a background in branding and web design, I knew the logo needed to be something simple, readable, and also connect to Do Space’s overall look and feel (i.e. friendly, fun, approachable). In my first round of designs, I attempted to embody Hello Code in minimal type treatments, or wordmarks, to more complex talk bubble graphics. Using colors, characters, and elements taken from lines of code and the digital universe to create these iterations was key (pun intended).
In submitting these designs to Do Space, they narrowed down their top choice to the wordmark that reads as “Hello {Code}”. This abstraction represents code in its rawest form. The main connection to code is the use of curly brackets, something a developer would often see in their own writings. The rounded custom typeface, complemented by warm reddish orange and cool dark blue (taken from Do Space’s color scheme) allows this wordmark to stand alongside Do Space’s brand and feel at home.
Check out the logo above and learn more about Hello Code here.
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Andrea Trew, Guest Blogger from Flywheel

Designer at Flywheel, a WordPress hosting startup based in downtown Omaha.