My boat floated. Then I added a mast. And it sunk.The kids in Junior Makers, on the other hand, were able to balance the weight on their boats just fine.

As part of the Summer of Invention, Junior Makers is creating Marvelous Moving Machines during June. Whether a boat or car or plane, our kids take on the challenge of constructing working items out of a variety of household materials. Presenting an open-ended challenge fosters a growth mindset. Junior Makers gives children the confidence and experience in tackling the unknown, helping them when encountering new topics.

Learning the process of invention and rapid prototyping grows creative thinking and encourages experimentation. If you want to benefit from hands-on educational activities like Junior Makers, sign up for one week during June at dospace.org/events


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Brian is a Community Projects Specialist for Do Space and a graduate of Notre Dame and UNL with degrees in History. He lives with his Chiweenie named Wesley, who owns many adorable sweaters.