Learn coding for FREE at Do Space. Hello Code is for beginners and no coding experience is required.



Interested in computer programming but don’t know where to start? Don’t have the ability to participate in a full-time boot camp or degree program? Do Space®’s Hello Code program will introduce you to computer programming over the course of a month.  Whether an aspiring artist showcasing work, a parent rejoining the workforce, or a community leader organizing a neighborhood, Hello Code can help you accomplish your goals.

Is Hello Code for me?

Hello Code is a commitment to learning how to program and design websites over the course of five weekly meetups. You should apply to Hello Code if you are serious about learning to code and live in the Omaha metro area. Whether you are interested in changing careers, contributing to community projects, or enhancing your existing job skills, learning computer programming can help you boost your ability to connect with other people.

What kind of person should apply?

  • You have a “whatever it takes” work ethic.
  • You identify problems and work to solve them.
  • You move quickly and hustle to find ways to overcome obstacles.
  • You feel comfortable on computers and want to learn more.
  • You enjoy meeting and working with new people.

How Much Will it Cost?
Nothing! Like all Do Space programs, Hello Code is FREE to the public.

What computer skills do I need?
You should feel comfortable using your computer. You should be accustomed to typing, using a mouse, navigating the internet, and using email and other programs. You do not need any previous coding experience.

What do I need?

  • A Do Space membership (it’s free!)
  • Must be 19 years or older
  • Access to a computer and the internet (this can be at home, at Do Space, or any other location)
  • An email address
  • Agree to adhere to the Do Space behavioral policy and code of conduct
  • Attend five, in-person meetings during the course of your session
  • Commit to completing the assigned segment of Code School’s program between each meeting
  • Build a website as a final project by the end of the fifth week

How much work should I expect?
Learning computer programming is like learning to speak a new language; it requires lots of practice and patience. Each session of Hello Code will consist of five, weekly, in-person meetings. These meetings are required and will take place Sunday afternoons from 3:00 - 5:00pm. Between each meeting, you will complete learning exercises on CodeSchool.com. Code School courses require 8-10 hours per week of work on your own. Each week may require more or less work depending on the material. You will also work on designing a website as a final project. This will require additional time working on your own, approximately another 1-4 hours per week.

How will participants be selected?

  • We will consider all eligible participants who have completed the online application form by April 13th for our Spring Session, May 19th for our June Session, and June 15th for our July Session.
  • We will select participants most likely to benefit from our program as explained in the paragraph on why you want to learn code on the online application form.
  • We will prioritize teaching beginners comfortable with technology, but without formal computer programming experience.
  • We will strive create an inclusive and diverse group of participants.

When will I find out if I am selected for Hello Code?
Notices of acceptance will be sent out on April 16th for our Spring Session, May 23rd for our June Session, and June 19th for our July Session.