The Tobii PCEye Go runs on standard Windows computers, allowing you to work with any application that is normally controlled by a standard computer mouse. Surf the web, connect with friends online, play games, Skype, and even make spreadsheets and documents by using your eyes. It can also be connected to home automation systems and IoT (internet of things) devices so you can change environmental controls to turn on the lights or TV, set the temperature, and even unlock doors. Users with limited motor skills due to ALS, spinal cord injuries or other impairments can benefit greatly with the Tobii PCEye Go.
It works by emitting a specific frequency of near infrared light and using specialized camera to pick up how it reflects off your eye. All processing for the eye tracker is done on the device itself, avoiding additional workload for your computer.


In our tech demo we showed the Tobii Gaze software in action. We showed attendees how to calibrate the PCEye Go and showed them how to use it to control the Windows operating system. To really show off how well the Tobii system works we let each user play the popular game http://slither.io. It’s an online multiplayer game where the player controls a snake with their mouse and eats ‘food’ to grow bigger. In our case, players used the Tobii to control the snake. We had many younger members attend the tech demo and all were thrilled to play one of their favorite games with just their eyes!
For more information on Tobii Eye Tracking visit http://www.tobii.com/
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Josh Bowen, Community Technologist