QYMH Concerning Co-Working Thursdays at Do Space
(Questions You Might Have)

1. Who can register for Co-Working Thursdays?

A: Anyone! Professionals and amateurs. Instructors and students. Tech nerds and beginners. This isn’t a class, it’s just an open space for your use. Bring a collaborator and share a table or come alone. Everyone is welcome.

2. What can I work on at Co-Working Thursdays?

A: Anything! You may be looking for a quiet place to work on a side project or a community space for your remote job. Business or pleasure. Paid or amatuer. No matter who you are or what you’re working on, we have space for you – and snacks, too!

3. What if I can’t stay for the entire session of Co-Working Thursdays?

A: Don’t! Co-Working Thursdays is designed to fit your schedule. Come and go as you please! Stay for an hour or stay for all four. Join us at 3 or don’t show up until 6. The room is open and the snacks are ready, come when you like.

4. Do I have to register for Co-Working Thursdays?

A: No, but you can right here! Or you can just stop by. As long as there is space in the room, you are welcome to settle in.

If you still have questions, send us an email at hello@dospace.org. Otherwise, see you on Thursdays!

About Author
Felicity White, Community Learning Specialist
Felicity is a Community Learning Specialist at Do Space where she teaches Littles Lab programs. Her favorite recent quote comes from a young member touring the 3D Lab: "What? Lasers are real?!"