In the spirit of the “Humans of New York” photo series and social media phenomenon, Do Space is inspired to work with staff and volunteers to create a “Humans of Do Space” series that shares the stories of our members, volunteers, users and staff. The goal of this effort it to capture the people that are using the space and how it affects their lives. What does it allow them to do? What does it allow them to make? How are people using the space to overcome obstacles and get things done?

When the staff think about a regular doer in our space, we all turn to Hans. Hans was even interviewed by NPR on their recent visit to our facility.  Check out the interview HERE.

Hans is a programmer who is passionate about community and is using Do Space to help grow his business, Classless Agency.

What does Do Space mean to you?

Do Space means the world to me. It has offered me resources that I could not readily afford. I’m thankful an organization could invest so much in our community and in the future of what is to come in Omaha. 

What have you been able to accomplish at Do Space?

I’ve been able to sustain my media company in keeping up with the latest products and software that Do Space offers for free. In addition to meeting partners here in Do Space that have been great assets to my companies. 

About Author
Caitlin Lombardo, Community Learning Specialist
Caitlin is a graduate of UIowa and Mizzou but can be convinced to root for the Huskers. She is a librarian by education but feels right at home in Do Space as a Community Learning Specialist. She works to bring tech education to our youth programming in new and interesting ways.