It’s hot outside! That makes it the perfect time to stay inside and learn something new with one of the many webinars Do Space has lined up in July. 

Want to learn more about Microsoft Office products?

Join our fantastic instructor Julie Dort for a series of webinars with a little bit of something for all levels of experience. 

  • Excel Basics Webinar – Friday, July 10th at 1pm. Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel including navigating the program, building worksheets, basic formulas, and so much more. Register now.
  • Intermediate Microsoft Access Basics Webinar – Friday, July 17th at 11am. This webinar is aimed at Intermediate users of Access and covers topics such as building advanced forms, writing advanced queries, creating advanced reports and to automate operations using Macros. If you didn’t attend Intro to Access we recommend viewing the webinar before attending this one. Register now
  • Excel – What if Analysis Tools Webinar – Friday, July 17th at 1pm. Analysis tools in Excel are some of the most advanced and useful to users that want to run complex reports. Excel has three “what-if” analysis tools that can be run on your data and provide reports on goals that give answers to your problems. If have not attended Excel Basics or Intermediate we recommend viewing the recorded webinars before you attend this one. Register now
  • Excel – Look Up Tables Webinar – Friday, July 24th at 1pm.  A lookup table is a collection of values in rows and columns (like a table) that you want to search and associate with specific data. Join us for this webinar are Excel and how to setup and use Lookup Tables. If have not attended Excel Basics or Intermediate we recommend viewing the recorded webinars before you attend this one.  Register now

How about a little web development?

We have several talented folks talking Web Dev this month!

  • Intro to HTML and CSS Webinar – Saturday July 11th at 2pm.  Join us for a beginner-level workshop on web development using HTML and CSS. You’ll learn the basics of creating a professional webpage from scratch. Register now.
  • Do Space Code Community Online Meet-up – Tuesdays through out July at 6:30pm. DSCC is an all year, self-paced, casual alternative to Hello Code (HC). DSCC will offer a platform for the casual learner, for those not able to set a five-week time commitment required for HC, for those more interested in self-paced learning and for us to offer learning opportunities to a wider audience. Visit the Code Community Website for more information.  There’s no registration needed for this online meetup. Simply login via Zoom https://zoom.us/j/91159182844?pwd=aGxyWjB6Y1I5R09maVhiWnFLQmNTUT09 and use password: 734877
  • 10 Common Mistakes Beginners Make with Word Press Webinar – Wednesday, July 22nd at 6:30pm. Join Rob Ruiz, one of the organizers of the Omaha area Word Press meetup, for a discussion of the common mistakes beginning Word Press users make and how to resolve them.  Register now.
  • PHP Basics Webinar – Thursday, July 30th at 6:30pm. Rob is back talking about PHP. PHP is the server-side language that powers a vast majority of the web today. It’s installed on almost every hosting environment by default. It’s open-source, it’s modular, and it is a great language to learn after HTML. Register now

Maybe you want to get a little creative!

We have a range of creative topics this month, from our popular Adobe basics courses to podcasting!

  • Adobe Lightroom Basics Webinar – Monday, July 13th at 6:30pm. Learn the basics to get started with image processing in Adobe Lightroom, a popular editing software for photographers. Register now. 
  • Intro to Podcasting Webinar – Wednesday, July 15th at 6:30pm. Join Marjorie Sturgeon for the basics of podcasting. She’ll give you the run down on how to develop your idea including recording and editing as well as hosting, RSS, and measuring your success. Register now.
  • Intermediate Clip Paint Studio Webinar – Monday, July 20th at 6:30pm. Join Emily Tweedy for the second installment on this graphic program popular with animators, illustrators, and cartoonist. She’ll be covering sketching, line0art and coloring. If you missed the first installment catch up on our Youtube channelRegister now.
  • Adobe Illustrator Basics Webinar – Monday, July 27th at 6:30pm. Join Regan Pufall for the basics of Illustrator, a popular vector graphic program. If you want to use the Laser Cutter here at Do Space, we recommend you take this class! Register now.
  • Design like a Pro with Canva Webinar – Thursday, Julu 30th at 1:oopm. How do I create a newsletter? How about a brochure? What about a program? In this episode we will look at a remarkably versatile and powerful tool: Canva. Participants will get a first-hand look at how Canva works, and all of the features of the free version of this tool. Register now.

From Finance to Cloud Computing to Education, we have a little something for everyone this month.

  • Google Cloud Computing Webinar – Tuesday, July 14th at 6:30pm. The concept of “cloud computing” has been around since the beginning of the internet. Join Brian Pichman as he goes beyond storing files in the cloud and gets you started with the powerful Google Cloud service.  Register now.
  • Designing Great Online Learning Webinar – Thursday, July 16th at 1:00p. Join us for a discussion of an instructional model called the 5 E’s, which include: engage, explore, explain, extend, and evaluate. How can we use the 5 E’s to design great online learning experiences for kids? Register now.
  • Financials for Small Business Webinar with the Nebraska Enterprise Fund – Monday, July 20th at 4:00pm. Join the Nebraska Enterprise Fund for a webinar on understanding financials for small businesses. This webinar will cover how to read and use things such as your Balance Sheet, 12 month Cash Flow, and Income Statement. Register now.
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Interviews Webinar – Wednesday, July 22nd at 5:00pm. Your interview time has arrived! Join us for a presentation on what to definitely do and some items to avoid during the interview to help ensure you put your best foot forward. Learn some helpful tips and tricks from an established HR Recruiter. Register now.
  • SCORE Social Media: Social Media Basics Webinar – Thursday, July 23rd at 9:30am. Join Jeff Quandt a volunteer with SCORE Omaha for his series on using social media. This month Jeff will be talking about why social media is vital to your business. Register now.
  • How to Network and Connect Effectively Webinar with The Nebraska Enterprise Fund – Monday, July 27th at 4pm. Join the Nebraska Enterprise Fund and learn effective tools and tips to increase your lead activity and develop meaningful business relationships. Register now.
  • Using Google Classroom – Friday, July 31st at 10:00am. Tons of teachers are trying to learn how to work from home on a moments notice.  Learn how to set up a virtual classroom for your students, assign class work, grade papers, and communicate with your students. Register now. 

And if that wasn’t enough we have plenty of classes for the kiddos. Head on over to our calendar and check them out.

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Brie Alsbury, Community Learning Specialist
Brie is a Community Learning Specialist with degrees in art from UNO and Iowa State University. When she's not working with computers, she writes and draws comics.