Do Space Code Community

The Do Space Code Community (DSCC) is an all year, self-paced, informal alternative to Hello Code. DSCC will offer a platform for the casual learner to gain coding experience, a space for those not able to set a five-week time commitment required for Hello Code, an opportunity for those more interested in self-paced learning, and the ability for Do Space to offer learning opportunities to a wider audience. Audience will be 18+

DSCC will run in four 12-week cycles annually. Each 12 week cycle will consist of 10 self taught lessons that will build on each other.

Tentatively, the cycles will be: 
Cycle 1: June 16th – September 1: HTML – Lesson Plan
Cycle 2: September 15th – December 1: WordPress – Lesson Plan
Cycle 3: January 12th – March 30th: SQL
Cycle 4: April 13th – June 29: WordPress 

How it works:
At the beginning of each 12-week cycle, all 10 lessons will be available online. Participants chose to finish the lessons is according to their schedule. Example: Someone could join in week 6 and catch up on lessons or someone could start week 1 and finish all 10 weeks at that time, etc.

On the first Tuesday of each month, participants will have the opportunity to join an online meeting to discuss what they have been working on, what issues they have run into, meet other participants, ask questions, and create the community aspect the Do Space Code Community is trying to attain. Meetings will take place on Zoom, 7:00p-8:00p. Meeting room link is below.

Find Cycle 2 lesson plan here

DSCC Monthly Meet-ups
For the time being, all DSCC monthly meet-ups will be held via Zoom. Participants will need to download the Zoom software onto their personal devices. Each meet-up will begin at 7:00p and last approximately 1 hour. Meetups are for participants 18+

Join the meet-up via Zoom here.

Where to practice your new skills: