Do Space is more ready than ever to provide cutting-edge technology to the Greater Omaha area. Thanks to the generous support of Charles E. Lakin Foundation, Inc., Do Space is future-proofing Omaha with upgrades to its computers, 3D lab, and server infrastructure. 

Computers in the public computer space and laptops that we use for programs will be replaced thanks to the generous support of the Foundation. The funds will substantially improve our ability to provide access to the latest technology and training and support our work to prepare Omahans for the future of school, work, and community life. 

The Foundation’s sponsorship of the Tech Upgrade Project means that Do Space can support the community with free access to the highest caliber of technology available on the market today, and they ensure the Greater Omaha area’s future by securing our relevance as a future-focused technology education hub.

About Author
Rebecca Stavick, CEO

Rebecca is the Executive Director of Do Space, the nation's first technology library. She manages Do Space relationships, direction, and strategy, bringing technology industry leadership and public library sector experience to her role.