We have ShetchUp on most of our public computers and masterSketchup.com has plenty of tips for beginners and experienced users alike. Here’s just one to get you started:

Use a 3-Button Mouse To Navigate

3 button MouseDon’t even think about clicking on the orbit or zoom button on the toolbar. You need to use a 3 button mouse to navigate in Sketchup. Although, John Bacus blew my mind at MakerFaire 2012 where I witnessed him navigating flawlessly in Sketchup using his MacBook trackpad.

The middle scroll wheel on your mouse is actually a button too! If you click it and hold it down, Sketchup will temporarily activate the orbit tool. This will this save you a ton of time by not having to go back and forth activating the orbit tool by clicking the toolbar. The best part is that the middle mouse button only temporarily activates the orbit tool. This means you could be in the middle of drawing a rectangle, hold the middle mouse button to orbit around for a better perspective, then finish the rectangle once you’re done orbiting. This works while using ANY tool.

Check out the rest of the tips @ masterSketchup.com.

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Michael Sauers, Technology Manager
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