Do Space is a one-of-a-kind type of community resource. It plays a key role in the lives of many residents in the Omaha area, and even though we are closed to the public, we are still hard at work for those residents.

While the building is closed, Do Space’s free wifi can still be accessed in the parking lot of our facility from 8 AM to 8PM for those in need of a fast and reliable internet connection. Do Space has always offered much more than just wifi, and we recognize that there is still a need for the other services we regularly provide to the community. 

That is why we have constructed a list of stand-in resources that individuals can use in the meantime while our building’s facilities are unavailable.

1. Computer usage

For those who do not have access to computers of their own, Do Space is a free solution that offers PC and Mac systems loaded with numerous useful programs. 

 Click here for more information on computer usage at Do Space 

Since our desktops are temporarily unavailable to the public, here are some alternate resources that can be used:

Rent a Computer is a local resource for renting computers in large quantities or for personal uses. Their hours are currently reduced at the moment for COVID-19, but their services are still completely available. 

Rent A Center is a nationwide business where individuals can rent different items, from furniture to smartphones. If in need of a laptop, this company has machines available for a weekly fee.

Aaron’s is another rent-to-own service that offers a wide variety of appliances. Aaron’s has several different options when it comes to laptops, desktops, and monitors. 

2. Printing and copying 

One of the most popular services at Do Space is our printing service. Patrons are enabled to print all sorts of documents. From large posters to essay papers, Do Space has all the facilities needed. Click here for more information on printing at Do Space

In lieu of our printing services, these are some useful alternatives for the meantime: 

Snappy Copy Center is a business in Omaha that has services for printing and scanning in various different formats. Documents can be sent in online or brought to the store. 

Most UPS stores offer in-person or online printing. If done online, prints can be picked-up or delivered to a desired address. Prints can also be sent in via mobile app for Blackberry, iOS, and Android.

 FedEx Office offers a printing service very similar to UPS. Prints can be done online or in-person, and FedEx also has a mobile app for sending in prints ahead of time. If done in-person, be sure to bring your documents on a USB flash drive.

Select CVS Pharmacies have print and copy stations that can be used for photograph printing and document printing. This service must be done in-person. Files are required to be brought on a USB flash drive, and must be PDFs. A physical copy of the document can also be used to make copies.

Both OfficeMax and Office Depot host copying and printing services that are both online and in-person. If printing is done online, the printed documents must be picked-up by the user at a desired OfficeMax or Office Depot store. 

3. 3D Printing

Access to modern technology is very important to the mission of Do Space, and one of our proud staples is making 3D printing easily available to the public. Do Space offers multiple 3D printing options, and most are low-cost.

Click here for information on 3D printing at Do Space

While our 3D printers are unavailable, this may be a good place to try:

While this business doesn’t operate out of Omaha, it does offer 3D printing services for those trying to avoid buying their own printer. As a forewarning, this service is intended for those who are prototyping and developing marketable products. This makes this resource less desirable for those pursuing 3D printing as a hobby. 

Do Space is a unique resource, the only one of its kind in the nation. Nowhere else can one find so many useful and exciting opportunities for everyone to use. We believe that our mission continues in our steps to provide helpful and empowering resources, and we are with the community helping during this difficult time.

About Author
Nick Schnitzer

Nick Schnitzer is a Membership Clerk at Do Space