In the spirit of the “Humans of New York” photo series and social media phenomenon, Do Space is inspired to work with staff and volunteers to create a “Humans of Do Space” series that shares the stories of our members, volunteers, users and staff. The goal of this effort it to capture the people that are using the space and how it affects their lives. What does it allow them to do? What does it allow them to make? How are people using the space to overcome obstacles and get things done?

We are pleased to introduce you to Ed Green works as a telephone representative and also as a life coach. Ed is one of our regular members, so we asked him to sit down with our Marketing Intern Danny to answer a few questions.

What are you passionate about?

My business as a life coach. I help people discover, pursue, and ultimately live their dreams and passion. I work with people from all walks of life helping them to discover how to use their abilities more fully. I also help them learn how to be creative and tap into resources to use the things, people, and information available to them. 

What does Do Space mean to you?

Do Space is a place that opens me up to a world of opportunity. I use the computers to work on projects related to life coaching, developing my professional communication skills, and pursuing information on things I’m in interested about.

What have you been able to accomplish at Do Space?

I put together a proposal for a coaching program recently. Through the Senior Cyber Society I was able to get my Skype set up. I’ve used ZOOM to connect with mastermind group of life coaches. I listen to interviews of highly successful individuals.  

How does Do Space empower you to grow individually or grow your company?

Basically all the things I already mentioned, but to sum it up: Do Space provides resources that I don’t have anywhere else. All the things I’ve mentioned have helped me grow individually or as a company. 

What tools and resources are you using at Do Space?

Mainly the computer and email. I also use Microsoft Word to create documents. I’ve taken classes that they’ve had here and Cyber Seniors has helped me too. Almost everyday I come to Do Space and use it to further explore my interesets. This place is a real Godsend to me.

About Author
Danny Ventura, Do Space Marketing Intern