This holiday season, Do Space wants to share our appreciation for our volunteers.

We are excited that the community has not only embraced our project, but also wanted to help build and support Do Space by volunteering. Volunteers help Do Space achieve our mission and programs by assisting with everything from giving tours to high level mentoring. Do Space would not be able to offer the wide range of skills without our volunteer base. Over the last year they have served the Do Space community by serving 9,723 hours and helping the community learn technology through 1,041 mentor appointments! If you are at Do Space and see a volunteer please thank them for everything they do.

As part of our Anniversary Event, we hosted a Volunteer Recognition fiesta where we honored our top volunteers with gifts of thanks. Take a look at some of the images from our celebration, and check out out all of the generous volunteers currently on our roster below. Thank you is due to all of the volunteers that have contributed over the last year no matter how big or how small none of this would have been possible with you!

Interested in volunteering? Check out our volunteer program HERE.


Volunteer Appreciation Party 2016


Sonja Ostler

Jim Glaser

Carl Fosco

Dawn Hammel

Chuck Williams


Mandy Becker

Steven Bode

Alyssa Brunswick

Pamela Chadwick-Lentz

Harold Cruz-Sánchez

Sean Duffy

Todd Hartman

Ralph “Curt” Hickman

Rick Long

Ken Manthe

Benjamin Phipps

Megan Raiser

Rick Rubio

Sam Salvatori

Sam Vacanti

Marvel Welch



Shira Abraham

Richard Baird

Anna Berg

Candy Bless

Teylor Bruno

Thorin Butler

Daniel Castaneda

Joshua Castillo

Fuego Thomsen Castillo

Anabella Castro

Marie Clymer

Lucy Cordes

Steven Craig

Portia Crawford

Krista Daly

Suzanne Dazo

Melinda Deinart

Gina Dvorak

Yash Fichadia

David Fried

Lois Friedman

Sol Friedman

Maeghan Fry

Frank Fu

Darrell Fulmer

Marjie Gargiulo

T-Rave Geary

Swarna Gopal

Russ Harper

Michael  Harris

Teresa Hartman

Andrew Hassing

Joe Hayes

Emily Helzer

Hudson Hooper

David Hopp

Sabrina Janse

Tonya Johnson

Logan Johnson

Binaya Joshi

Mike Katan

Madelyn Kazmierski

Ryan Kholousi

Trish Lanphier

Kan Lin

Via Long

Zain Long

Kenny Maddox

Matthew Madsen

Libby Mason

Cole McCoy

Matt McCuen

Robert Meyer

Alexandra Millatmal

Matthew Miller

Jenna Popp

Isabella Radler

Susie Rand

Kevin Rigard

Robert Roberts

Matthew Salfity

Andrea Sawyer

Michael Sefranek

Eon Sena

Tabish Shaik

Phill Sherbon

Brooker Smith

Matt Snell

Jeffrey Snyder

Sally Stack

Thomas Stuart

Daniel Thrash

Emily Trofholz

Ginny Tworek

Ashley Wemhoff

Jaena Wenninghoff

Noah Wester

Becky Williams

Ben Wallace

Bethany Williams

Mark Wong

Emma Yohannes

Alex Zatizabal

Natalie Zdan

Jackson Zortman

Lindsay Zortman

Isabella Zortman

Montgomery Zortman


Vanessa Adan

Ryan Albright

Rishab Ambekar

Ritvik Ambekar

Brooke Anderson

Cecilia Boettcher

Charles Chatham

Dale Clymens

Charles Dahir

Lorraine Dalziel

Christopher Dennis

Gina Dvorak

Olivia Edwards

Sean Edwards

Amelia Ells


Osvaldo Gudino

Jack Higgins

Kevin Joyce

Mary Kelly

Tatiana Kyles

Chris Landreth

Joel Lechner

Nia Lyons

Brady Marlow

Nikki Martin

Sharon Martin

Leo Martinez

Negil McPherson

Gaberiel Miller

Carlos Mota

Ashton Norton

Luta Pleiss

Reagan Pufall

Charlie Rix

Juliet Rosenthal

Phil Shapiro

Matthew Silva

Michael Spencer

Connor Swett

David Thrash

Megan Timanus

Susan Tussing

Amy Wall

Yue-Bo Wang

Lisa Washington

Holly Wehner

Marc Welander

Veronica Wester

Nancy Williams

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Cherie Geary, Community Engagement Specialist
Cherie is the Community Engagement Specialist at Do Space. In her free time she likes to spend time with her husband Travis, chihuahua Elvis, corgi Evie, and cat Ella.