A futurist is someone who uses knowledge of science, technology, social trends and human needs, adds a little bit of imagination, and creates a hypotheses about what the future might look like. Jules Verne may be the most famous futurist of all, having predicted space flight to the Moon, global transportation and submarines. Other science fiction writers (like the folks behind Star Trek) have also done a stellar job (we will not pardon that pun) of creating technology that eventually came true. There are even a few technology companies like Google who have professional futurists on staff to keep a competitive edge.

So let’s start predicting… with something like computers. We know computers are getting more powerful while at the same time becoming thinner. How thin can they become? And does being thin also mean rigid, or can they become flexible? Could you unroll your personal computer, or even fold it up like cloth and place it in your pocket? That’s a wild prediction, but that’s how people predict the future.

With what you know about coding, or gaming, or 3D printing, what do you see? Being a Do Space enthusiast, we know you have some thoughts. Let us know, or even better, send yourself an email with the subject line, “Open in 2025.”

Learn more here: http://www.wired.com/2015/02/frog-design-predictions/

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