Do Space is pleased to accept guest posts from the Omaha community. We want to hear your stories about technology news, community projects, as well as how you use Do Space. Anyone can submit a guest blog for Do Space to review and share.

What guidelines should I follow when submitting a guest blog?

● Your blog should be more than 250 words
● Include a short biography and photo of yourself with your post
● No promotional links, with the intent to solicit products or services, are permitted (e.g. a coupon)
● We encourage you to include any relevant images or videos
● Posts should abide by the Code of Conduct and Behavioral Policy of Do Space

What kind of posts are you looking for?

● We want to hear about the latest and greatest tech tools and advice that will motivate and inspire the technology curious.
● We love to hear about the PEOPLE using Do Space. How are you using Do Space to overcome challenges and start innovative concepts.
● Blogs should be informative and educational.
● We do not publish fiction pieces or opinion posts.
● Your submissions should be original and written by you. Any quotes from other sources should be credited.

How do I submit my post?

● Submit your article for review to hello@dospace.org using Google Doc, Microsoft Word or .txt format
● Staff will review your article and notify you if it has been accepted.
● Post will be scheduled for publishing upon approval
● Photos and videos should be attached to the email
● Let us know what, if any, links to include in your author bio. Please limit links to one or two.
● Bios should be written in 3rd person and be no longer than 100 characters (including spaces).
● Photos should be fun and casual – no need for professional headshots

About Author
Rachel Tepper, Operations Manager
Originally from Texas, Rachel Tepper works as the Operations Manager helping to keep the facility running smoothly, managing accounting responsibilities, and assisting with in-house marketing efforts. In addition to working at Do Space, she has two big dogs that she enjoys walking and taking on vacations with her husband.