Do Space is excited to open its first ever internship positions! Our vision for our internship program is to give students the opportunity to think big and make a difference. The first two internship positions that we will be adding to our team this fall will be a Marketing Intern and an Education and Programming Intern.

The Marketing Intern will have the opportunity to create a social media plan for Do Space. They will also assist with tasks such as creating an outreach plan, creating promotional materials and video, and writing blog posts.

The Education and Programming Intern will be working with the Community Learning staff to record, evaluate, and organize current course material. This intern will then be using the information recorded to digitize it to give other organizations access.

Both the Marketing Intern and Education and Programming Intern is a once in a lifetime chance to be part of a cutting-edge program. Sounds pretty great to me, what about you?

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Cherie Geary, Community Engagement Specialist
Cherie is the Community Engagement Specialist at Do Space. In her free time she likes to spend time with her husband Travis, chihuahua Elvis, corgi Evie, and cat Ella.