How many times have I heard the statement, “My kids bought this computer for me, but I don’t know how to use it”. Solution: Do Space of Omaha, Nebraska.

Do Space fills the void many people need to help them learn technology. Do Space was first described to me as a computer learning center. But in my mind, it’s much more than that, it’s a place where your imagination comes alive and where new friendships are made. And it doesn’t end there, they also have staff and volunteers available to help you accomplish your goal… FREE! Amazing!

For me, Do Space has given me an opportunity to volunteer and share my computer knowledge with others, which I love doing. Since I am completely retired nowadays I am always looking for something to do, like many retirees. Volunteering keeps me active and keeps my mind working. There is something magical to me about sharing knowledge and empowering others. It feels great when you help someone understand how to use the technology they posses.

I worked for Apple as a Creative (trainer) for 4 years, but had to leave because of back problems. Standing and sitting for long periods became very uncomfortable and painful. After having some minor back surgery to correct my problems, I found myself almost completely lost without working. Fortunately, volunteering at Do Space gives me something to look forward to. Now I’m building new friendships and meeting very interesting people. Shortly after I started working with the Senior Cyber Society group on Wednesdays I was asked to become a mentor and work one-on-one with people who need specific help with their phone, tablet or computers. Just recently, I taught my first course on how to use the MAC operating system. What fun!

Do Space is a place to play with technology, teens and tots are always creating something new. The staff and volunteers bring a wealth of knowledge and are always willing to share what they know but, be careful, as you might bump into a robot rolling around “the space”.

If you are interested in volunteering, APPLY HERE.


About Author
Chuck Williams, Do Space Volunteer and Cyber Senior


Chuck Williams is a native Texan from Corpus Christi. After graduating from W.B. Ray High School in 1965 (with Farrah Fawcett), he began a 25-year career in the Air Force where he worked most of his career as an Instructor in the field of leadership and management. He retired at Offutt AFB in 1991 and started a new career in recreation and aquatic management. In 2009, he retired a second time from Omaha Parks & Recreation, and in that year, he started working at the Apple Store in Omaha as a Specialists. Shortly thereafter, he became a trainer teaching customers how to use their various Apple products and applications during "one to one" training sessions and workshops. Now completely retired, Chuck is a volunteer and mentor at Do Space and particularly enjoys working with the seniors group during Senior Cyber Society on Wednesdays.