Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin; they all had workshops where they could tinker, invent and go through the process of trial and error with their ideas. We usually think of these workshops being reserved for a special few, but technology (as always) is giving people access to workshops that past inventors would have loved. And these workshops also have a new name: the makerspace.

Along with traditional tools for fabrication, makerspaces incorporate modern electronics, computers and programming. They can be a simple, private garage or a public space with laser cutters, 3D printers and welding equipment. People gravitate to makerspaces because they’re an outlet for creativity, a place for community and a home to explore invention and improve on ideas that already exist. Makerspaces have become so popular that the Science Channel has a show dedicated to inventions born in these unique places.

To take part in the trend, there are many online resources and Do Space can provide 3D printers and laser cutting once you’re ready to develop a prototype.

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Rachel Tepper, Operations Manager
Originally from Texas, Rachel Tepper works as the Operations Manager helping to keep the facility running smoothly, managing accounting responsibilities, and assisting with in-house marketing efforts. In addition to working at Do Space, she has two big dogs that she enjoys walking and taking on vacations with her husband.