I use my grandmother’s cookie cutters every year at Chanukah to make holiday cookies. The past few years I have noticed that the plastic cutters have been falling apart – the glue that was holding them together was chipping and I have been searching for a way to recreate them. (There are plenty of companies that will recreate the outlines – but none that could give me the detail on the inside of the cookie that my grandmother had!)

I started volunteering at Do Space in the LIttles Lab and walked by the 3D printing lab each week – I finally asked if there was someone who could help me either copy or re-design the cookie cutters.  The Help Desk was so nice and set me up with a Volunteer Mentor named Brittany. She is so nice and helped me learn how to import images of the cookie cutters and design them in a program that can 3D print them.  We worked on one together, and I have the saved design so I can print more, and continue to recreate the others.

What really struck me, is that every Chanukah I love using my grandmother’s recipe and her cookie cutters to remember her and think about my family.  Having this new cookie cutter isn’t just something that I am proud that i was able to do for me now, but it ensures that my kids will be able to make Holiday cookies for years to come and remember past generations.



About Author
Shira Abraham, Do Space Volunteer

Shira Abraham is a Do Space Volunteer for Littles Lab each week.