Have you ever wanted to play ping pong with a globe? With the EggBot you can!

The EggBot is a family-friendly, fun, and safe machine that produces unique crafts. It introduces the basic concepts of advanced printing techniques, machinery, and robotics such as calibration, design, and programming movement without requiring advanced knowledge of hardware–the EggBot’s main tool is a Sharpie permanent marker! The accompanying software, Inkscape, is a vector graphics editor that can be used to create a variety of logos and illustrations. The EggBot uses two motors to draw a 2D image onto a rotating rounded object, creating a 3D work of art. Use premade designs or draw your own! Any small, rounded object that a permanent marker can write on will work with the EggBot, including eggs, golf balls, ping pong balls, plastic ornaments and more!


About Author
Brian Sarnacki, Community Projects Specialist

Brian is a Community Projects Specialist for Do Space and a graduate of Notre Dame and UNL with degrees in History. He lives with his Chiweenie named Wesley, who owns many adorable sweaters.