Do you have any projects that need a vinyl cutter or are planning on buying one? Then you have to try the new Vinyl Cutter available at Do Space!

I tried it myself this weekend and I loved it. The hardest part was setting up the blade, it took me 2 days to adjust the perfect size for the vinyl I had. But it is ready now, so it should work in most regular vinyl. If it is cutting more or less than the vinyl you have, just adjust the size and try again. I like to bring some small pieces of vinyl to try the settings before cutting the real design. You can make your own stickers, window decals, heat transfer images for t-shirts, wall art and more. The machine not only cuts, but also plots! Yes, you can change the blade for a pen and it will draw your design on paper.

If you want to try and cut some designs, I recommend that you do the following:

  • Bring your own design (there are many free online, I tried “free silhouette images”) or you can design your own using AI or PS. You can also buy nice files online!
  • Bring your own vinyl. You can get 12×12 vinyl squares at stores like Blick, Michaels or Hobby lobby. They also have 12” rolls or you can order bigger rolls online. The machine is 24 inches wide, just imagine the possibilities!
  • You will need some extra tools depending on what are you working on: scissors, a small hook to take little pieces out form some design (like the small parts in the Stick family stickers I made), and application squeegee, etc.
  • Application transfer tape is a must if you have separated pieces in your design, trust me, it will make your life easier!

Hope you give it a chance and try it soon!



About Author
Anabella Castro

Anabella Castro, Digital Party Supplies Designer at InstaParties.com, Communication Sciences graduate from Universidad de Occidente in Mexico and volunteer at Do Space.