While Mac and PC software is always getting updated, the standard set of word processing and photo editing programs has remained the same for some time. Does that mean we’ve peaked in terms of innovative software? Not even close. In fact, this may be one of the most exciting times to get into software as computing speeds will go through the roof and technology becomes increasingly wearable and innovative.

Motion-based control will be used for more than just video games, and everything from big data to personal budget management will utilize hand gestures. Smart watches and smart shoes will need useful programs to crunch data in meaningful ways for every user. Driverless cars will need entertainment and education programs because occupants will no longer be focused on driving. User interfaces may move from engineered keyboards to projected surfaces and require an entirely different kind of code. Money management, including stock trading, could become automated as computers make fast-paced trading based on each user’s risk factors and company preferences. A type of 3D Photoshop could be created as virtual reality experiences will need to be touched up just like current 2D photos. And the best part is everything we’ve mentioned will need people with the right skills to make it all possible.

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