No matter who you are, you can remember a time when a parent or friend pushed you to do something that was out of your comfort zone. Whether that was broccoli or bungee jumping, the experience is fixed in your mind, a reference point for other new experiences. At some point in our lives, however, we can become a little hesitant when it comes to new things.

But that’s not the Do Space way. There’s a difference between knowing about something and experiencing it first hand. Everyone knows about bungee jumping, but doing it is something entirely different. Technology is no different. Trying something new will build your confidence, eliminate doubt, build appreciation and expand your view of the world.

Whether it excites you or gives you cause for pause, that’s a sign that it’s worth trying. Our doors are open, so bring your open mind.

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Rachel Tepper, Operations Manager
Originally from Texas, Rachel Tepper works as the Operations Manager helping to keep the facility running smoothly, managing accounting responsibilities, and assisting with in-house marketing efforts. In addition to working at Do Space, she has two big dogs that she enjoys walking and taking on vacations with her husband.