It’s kind of hard to plan things right now. By the end of May we may be well on our way to something close to normal, or we may still be doing our part to help control the spread of the virus by staying home. But whether you’re at home or getting out and about a bit more, we have some fantastic digital art webinars in May that you don’t want to miss. From Tinkercad, to Photoshop, to Clip Paint studio, these webinars are great for teens and adults who are interested in creating digital art. Registration is required for all of these programs, so be sure to register today. And if you miss a program, don’t worry, we will be uploading them to our youtube channel

  • Adobe Lightroom Basics – May 4th at 6PM – Join us as we cover the basics of how to get started with image processing in Adobe Lightroom. Register now for this webinar.
  • Adobe Photoshop Basics – May 6th at 6:30PM – This course will introduce the basics of Adobe Photoshop with an emphasis on basic tools and concepts. We’ll cover the use of editing tools, layers, and masks in image processing techniques. Register now for this webinar.
  • How to Draw Digitally – May 7th at 3PM – If you’re an artist or designer and want to learn how to move your craft to digital, but aren’t sure where to start, come join us! In this, we will talk about the different hardware options you can choose from so you can narrow down which one might work best for you! Register now for this webinar.
  • Animation in Photoshop – May 7th at 6:30PM –  Draw your own 2-second micro animation that you can easily share with anyone! We will be using Photoshop timeline to create our own animated GIFs.  Register now for this webinar.
  • Adobe Illustrator Basics – May 11th at 6:30PM – Join us to learn the  basics of Adobe Illustrator, a popular vector graphics editor that will help make designing a breeze. Register now for this webinar.
  • Painting and Drawing in Photoshop – May 13th at 6:30PM –  This webinar will give you an introduction to painting tools and techniques in Adobe Photoshop.  Register now for this webinar.
  • Clip Paint Studio Basics – May 14th at 6:30PM This webinar will focus on an affordable alternative to Photoshop, Clip Paint Studio. This isn’t a can’t miss webinar for folks interested in comics and animation.  Register now for this webinar. 
  • Paint Tool Sai Basics – May 20th at 6:30PM – Paint Tool SAI is a more affordable alternative to Photoshop, used widely among digital artists and Manga artist. Come watch a walkthrough on how to use the program! Register now for this webinar.
  • Phone Photography –  May 27th at 6:30PM – Would you like the photos you take with your mobile device to stand out? In this webinar, you’ll learn several tips and pieces of advice on how to improve photography with your mobile device. Register now for this webinar. 
  • Tinkercad Basics – May 28th at 6PM –  Get a basic introduction to Tinkercad, a free web-based 3D modeling software that is appropriate for everyone from kids to adults. We’ll cover a range of things from the basics of creating shapes and joining them together to how to punch holes in them and export them.  Sign up ahead of time for a free account at https://www.tinkercad.com/  Register now for this webinar. 
About Author
Brie Alsbury, Community Learning Specialist
Brie is a Community Learning Specialist with degrees in art from UNO and Iowa State University. When she's not working with computers, she writes and draws comics.