This is Your Brain on Learning

December 3

As a life-long rule of thumb, never stop learning. Ever. Learning a new skill not only allows you to use and enjoy that new skill, it’s the neuro equivalent of heaving lifting—only it’s your...

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Staff Share

"Art Day" with Junior Makers

December 3 | Brian Sarnacki

Little things can add up to something big.

This was the lesson behind “Art Day” at our November 24th Junior Makers meeting. We talked about how small pixels on your computer screen can add...

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Success Stories

The New Art of Family Time

December 2 | Lindsay Zortman
Lindsay and her family volunteered for the Do Space Grand Opening. We asked her to write a short blog about her experience volunteering as a family. Learn More

Let's Invent Job Titles

December 2

It’s safe to say that technology is advancing so fast that the future will have jobs that don’t exist today. Which is why it’s fun to dream a little bit about what might be on your...

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High-Tech by the Acre

December 1

Most people usually don’t think of farming as a high-tech profession, but farmers are always utilizing leading edge technology.

Take self-driving cars. Farmers have already had self-driving...

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