Meet Manger Baw!

What have you been working on in the Do Space Podcast Studio?

I’ve been developing educational content for my community. Karen Educational Resources is a social media-based youth empowerment and educational advising program. Karen Educational Resource’s mission is to provide educational-based information and to promote the importance of all types of education, including formal, informal, and non-formal education, to the Karen (Knyaw) audience.

What got you interested in creating this type of content?

Recognizing a community need, I hope to add value, even as a small piece of the puzzle, to help address the societal issue and be part of the solution.

How did the Do Space Podcast Studio help you?

The Dospace Podcast Studio helps me stay focused and keeps my learning going. They’ve got instructions and books on everything about creating content, from coming up with ideas to making the final product. I like that I can adjust the desk and learn about video, audio, and lighting.

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Rachel Drietz, Operations Manager