Meet Tony Bock: Host of OMAPOD

What have you been working on in the Do Space Podcast Studio?

I have recorded several episodes of OMAPOD – Omaha’s first & only Daily Morning Podcast & Newsletter (free subscription with email at https://www.omapod.com/ or available on all pod platforms).

What’s your background, and what got you interested in podcasting?

I grew up in Omaha and went to college in Lincoln to study broadcast journalism. An internship with the Late Show with David Letterman led to positions in NYC and LA writing and producing television for CBS, History, A&E, Discovery, Amazon Studios, Comedy Central & Disney. I was also an early UBER employee, launching marketing and operations in the region, which is what brought me back home. My production and marketing experience was the perfect background to have to get this off the ground.

How’d you choose to start talking about this topic?

Omaha needs a better sense of community almost as much as it needs more consistent weather! As the sign says as we cross over the river into town, this is indeed home to “The Good Life”… but why are we falling short of great?

How did the Do Space Podcast Studio help you?

The Do Space podcast studio is convenient, safe, and easy to use – the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. You can book the space online and at no charge.

Check out the links below for OMAPOD episodes recorded at Do Space!

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