Meet Dominique Barlow!

Dominique, a dedicated member of Do Space, has been a part of our community since before our transition to the Milton R. Abrahams Branch of Omaha Public Library. Upon discovering our new Podcast Studio through our website, she promptly reserved a session. Her initial experience in the studio proved instrumental in her podcasting journey and collaborative ventures. Despite the initial learning curve, Dominique mastered the equipment after just two sessions, leveraging the room’s resources to deepen her understanding of podcasting techniques.

As a leading figure within her church community, Dominque’s podcast centers on guiding Christian singles in their journey toward marriage. Her inspiration stems primarily from her audience, who she actively engages through inquiries, polls, and her own social media channels. Her sage advice to aspiring podcasters emphasizes thorough market research and cultivating a nuanced understanding of their audience across various platforms.

The Podcast Studio played a pivotal role in Dominque’s creative process, providing both inspiration and the necessary tools to actualize her ideas. The space not only fueled her motivation but also facilitated the realization of her vision, and also provided the resources to bring that vision to life.

About Author
Rachel Drietz, Operations Manager