Are you bored in the house? Tired of feeding your sourdough starter? Looking to safely social distance, but still do something fun?

Introducing #MakersGonnaMake

#MakersGonnaMake items are projects that our members can come in and do in our 3D Lab here at Do Space.  Each quarter we will be releasing a new project that participants can try out on your own. Do Space will provide the materials and designs to build the project. You’ll provide the creative spark, and curiosity to try something new.

Project List:

  • March/April/May: Laser Engraved Wooden Coasters. Find the program description here and find the project sheet here.

How can I get this project?

It’s easy!

  1. Start by Reserving the 3D Lab. Book the full four hours, especially if this is your first time in the 3D Lab. The project shouldn’t take quite that long, but if you’re going to engrave photos on to your coasters it can take an hour or more to complete the job.
  2. When you get to Do Space and check in with the Tech Desk ask for the #MakersGonnaMake kit.
  3. Go make the things!

The fine print: 

  • Like our 3D lab classes, these kits are meant for adults. Families can do these projects together, but an adult needs to be present at all times while children are in the 3D lab.
  • All 3D lab rules apply. To receive this kit you must have a current signed Borrower’s Agreement, a current Waiver of Liability and a photo ID and proof of current address. Our staff will take care of checking all of this when you check out the 3D Lab.
  • You must have a current reservation that starts within 10 minutes of check-in to receive a kit. You may not pick up a kit for later in the day, week, or month.
  • Kits are first come, first serve. Some kits will have limited qualities.
  • You can take home what you make, but all other equipment and supplies must be returned to the Tech Desk when you’re finished.
  • Projects are limited to one project per reservation.
  • Because of social distancing, we don’t provide support in the 3D Lab. If you get stuck on the project please rewatch the videos provided.