Do Space has an Universal Laser Systems (VLS 2.30) available for reservation in the 3D lab alongside the 3D printers. Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is helpful as the software utilizes Illustrator files, so members are encouraged to register for an Illustrator and/or Laser Cutter Basics class before utilizing the laser cutter.

Some basic facts: The work area for the Universal is 16 x 12 inches and material must be shorter than 4 inches. It can cut, engrave, and etch wood, glass, acrylic, and other materials from Adobe Illustrator files. You can also import vector graphics for cutting and vector graphics and/or raster graphics into Adobe Illustrator for engraving.

Interested in laser cutting? First, attend a class and/or seek out a mentor. Or, if you feel comfortable, reserve up to two hours at a time on the laser cutter through our website. Then, bring in your own supplies and have fun!

  • Equipment Reservations HERE 
  • Class Listings HERE
  • Mentor Request HERE



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Tacoma Tomilson is a Community Technologist for Do Space and a graduate of San Jose State University. On the weekends, she exchanges her Do Space cardigan for a USAFR flight suit.