She turned, blowing a kiss to me as she left the room. And so ended the first Senior Cyber Society meeting.

We had just finished figuring out how to find, save, and send pictures on her iPad. Her granddaughter regularly sent fun messages with pictures and she wanted to know how to reply with the similar images. In just a short time, we were able to open a new way of communicating across generations within her family.

Every Wednesday morning, Do Space members bring their questions and our team of knowledgeable volunteers work with them to find answers. The group has tackled everything from setting up an email account to figuring out the settings on a new smartphone to learning how to video chat.

The Senior Cyber Society looks to bring technology into a more approachable setting. Coffee and tea accompany each meeting and the atmosphere often resembles a social club more than a technology class. Our volunteers are seniors themselves, many retirees from STEM fields. Their life experience gives them insight into the challenges of learning technology that was not around during their formative years. Providing knowledgeable and understandable help with technology, the Senior Cyber Society provides our attendees with accessible assistance that can make a lasting impact.



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Brian Sarnacki, Community Projects Specialist

Brian is a Community Projects Specialist for Do Space and a graduate of Notre Dame and UNL with degrees in History. He lives with his Chiweenie named Wesley, who owns many adorable sweaters.