Everyday at Do Space, amazing things happen. I occasionally get a glimpse at the our members’ fantastic feats: applying for (and getting!) jobs, creating works of art, laser cutting awards and gifts, playing with tech kits, trying out new programs, and much more. Do Space is proud of all these accomplishments and we want you to show us more!

So, we have launched a new website: www.iheartdospace.org

I Heart Do Space empowers you to share your progress and inspire others. With I Heart Do Space, you can check out what other people are doing, tell the world about your work, and even show off your progress with a picture!

Best of all, during Do Space’s Summer of Invention, when you share a submission on I Heart Do Space we will enter you in our drawing for a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Each submission is another entry so the more you do the better your odds of winning!

What will you do?


About Author
Brian Sarnacki, Community Projects Specialist

Brian is a Community Projects Specialist for Do Space and a graduate of Notre Dame and UNL with degrees in History. He lives with his Chiweenie named Wesley, who owns many adorable sweaters.