In honor of our first anniversary, we asked some of our regular volunteers to look back on their year of service and time with Do Space. This reflection comes from Ben Wallace, a Technology Sidekick.

I have been a fan of the Do Space before it even opened in 2015 when I learned about what was coming.  Since it opened, I have been so impressed by what the Do Space offers to our community.  The opportunities to access gigabit internet, 3D printing services, and amazing technology is a huge benefit to educating our community and helping them find ways to interact with technology more effectively.

I am a volunteer at the Do Space and volunteering is one of my favorite things I do each week.  Getting to help others learn about and become more comfortable with technology is important to the future of our community.  Everyone should have the ability to access current technology and be able to learn how to make it work for their benefit whether they are young or old, applying for a job or learning about 3D printers.

The Do Space is a magical place with wonderful things for everyone to learn and DO!  Whether you come to learn more about computers, 3D printing, access the many software programs available, or participate in the many classes offered each week, make sure to stop by the Do Space soon and check it out!

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Cherie Geary, Community Engagement Specialist
Cherie is the Community Engagement Specialist at Do Space. In her free time she likes to spend time with her husband Travis, chihuahua Elvis, corgi Evie, and cat Ella.