In the spirit of the “Humans of New York” photo series and social media phenomenon, Do Space is inspired to work with staff and volunteers to create a “Humans of Do Space” series that shares the stories of our members, volunteers, users and staff. The goal of this effort it to capture the people that are using the space and how it affects their lives. What does it allow them to do? What does it allow them to make? How are people using the space to overcome obstacles and get things done?

We are pleased to introduce you to Teresa Ballard who has lived in Omaha since she was four years old, is self-employed, and enjoys spending time at Do Space to learn.  Do Space Marketing Intern Danny sat down with Teresa to ask her a few questions.

What are you passionate about?

Learning new things, because I love knowledge, especially things that are out of the ordinary and the paranormal. 

What does Do Space mean to you?

Do Space is a place you can continue learning. I love how people from all backgrounds intermingle and come here to learn, from older citizens learning computers to 3D printing. I am looking forward to doing that and taking classes. I am appreciative of whoever decided to do this. This place is brilliant. 

What have you been able to accomplish at Do Space?

I was job hunting here. I was hired for a full-time position after applying from Do Space. I applied here at the computers, but I also enjoy people-watching, and bringing my own computer to use the wifi. 

How does Do Space empower you to grow individually or grow your company?

If you wanted to learn skills that you didn’t have, then come here. If you didn’t or can’t go to school then you may have limited resources, but here you learn how to 3d print, use a mac, or how things work for free. You can DO great things here. This is an amazing space with a great atmosphere. I like seeing the children getting to play on the latest technology when they wouldn’t get that opportunity elsewhere.

What tools and resources are you using at Do Space?

The wifi and computers mainly, I am more of of Mac person though I used a PC for a while, and the printers of course. 

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Danny Ventura, Do Space Marketing Intern