Open WiFi is nearly everywhere today, including here at Do Space. But you need to be aware that the “open” in Open WiFi means that’s it’s definitely not secure and not necessarily private either. The folks over at LifeHacker have a great list of ways to help you be more secure and private when using Open WiFi. 

  1. Practice Good Internet Hygiene
  2. Use the Right Networks (and Avoid the Bad Ones)
  3. Use Semi-Open Wi-Fi Networks Instead
  4. Turn Off File Sharing and AirDrop Options
  5. Turn Wi-Fi Off When Not In Use
  6. Keep Your Antivirus and Antimalware Up to Date
  7. Install Privacy-Protecting Browser Extensions
  8. Use HTTPS Everywhere You Can
  9. Use a VPN (or Roll Your Own)
  10. Bring Your Own Wi-Fi Instead

Check out all the details @ LifeHacker.com.

About Author
Michael Sauers, Technology Manager
Michael Sauers is currently the Director of Technology for Do Space in Omaha, NE. Michael has been training librarians in technology for the past twenty years and has published more than 14 books on technology and other topics.