Have you ever wanted to test a circuit or an Arduino sketch without getting all the parts out?  At https://circuits.io/  you can simulate a circuit or test an Arduino sketch all inside your browser without having to download anything.  The resource also offers basic project tutorials that you can follow along with in addition to other user’s projects.

There are a variety of virtual components available including switches, LEDs, resistors, capacitors, even motors or servos.  Once you’ve signed in, you drag and drop your components onto the workspace then connect them to the breadboard or with point-and-click wires.  If you have an Arduino sketch to run, you can throw that in the Code Editor.  Once you’re sure you have everything connected correctly, you can run the simulation and hopefully everything works like you expected.  The resource also has a multimeter, function generator, and oscilloscope you can add in to the workspace to help out.

You can find a link to this resource and many others like this on our Resources page.


About Author
Robert McCown, Community Technologist
Robert is a Community Technologist at Do Space from Lincoln. When he’s not tinkering with his 3D printers he’s making costumes, props, and butter passing robots.