Do Space offers FREE access to technologies such as 3D printers and laser cutters to the community. We have a wide variety of technologies available to make anything three-dimensional as well as other supplementary machines that can help make your project a success. All you need to do is become a member (which is also free) and register for a program in advance.

So, come to Do Space and take a 3D Lab class! With options, such as laser cutter scrapbooks or 3D printing basics, you will learn how to operate the equipment and discover how to create 3D printed models or etch glasses.

In a recent survey of program attendees of the laser cutter basics class, 75% attendees are more likely to use 3D Lab as a result of this class and 63% agreed that they had more hands-on skills as a result of this program. In laser cutter jewelry, 86% are hobbyists and 86% attendees are more likely to try out new technology after a program.

To register for classes, CLICK HERE. If you are unable to attend class, you can also make a mentor request, which is a one-on-one appointment with a volunteer to learn a specific skill in a one-hour meeting. If you are interested in submitting a mentor request, please CLICK HERE.

We look forward to seeing your projects come to life at Do Space!

You can reserve equipment in our 3D Lab for up to four hours daily, eight hours max per week during our open hours. You can find more information and reserve equipment HERE.

About Author
Ruth Williams, Community Learning Specialist
Ruth is a Community Learning Specialist at Do Space who loves contributing to the growing tech community in Omaha. When not working at Do Space, She is working on interactive digital media projects or discovering new restaurants in Omaha area.