Nintendo has become the name in family friendly home game consoles with a heavy emphasis on games that are safe an fun for everyone. They have continued that tradition with the Nintendo Switch which has also continued another more recent tradition of novel and fun hardware. Here at Do Space, we are happy to present the Nintendo Switch as our newest tech kit.

We have selected games for their educational value, for their novelty, for fun with friends, or just a pinch of any and all of the above. One of our games, Astro Bears Party, requires your focus as you try to avoid ribbons that stretch out behind players. Human resource machine takes you through levels of computer programming concepts disguised as an office building. Snake Pass is an adventure game where you play as a snake slithering your way through puzzles that require you to imagine a different way of getting around.


That is just a sampling of the games that we have selected for you and your friends and family while you are here at Do Space. We hope to see you soon!

About Author
Dale Kipple, Community Technologist
I am a community technologist at Do Space, Omaha. I have always been fascinated by computers and love to spend time out doors whenever I get the opportunity.