How many of you played with Hot Wheels growing up? Or maybe you have kiddos who can’t get enough of the small cars? Now there is a new twist on the classic toy! Osmo Hot Wheels™ MindRacers is our latest tech kit that combines physical pieces into a digital game. Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers uses actual Hot Wheel cars that you race in an app.
The set up is incredibly easy! The MindRacers app walks you through how to set up your iPad and the reflector which allows the app to “see” the game pieces. It even has a great How-To to help get you started on how the game works and what the game pieces are. You’ll be ready to race in no time. Choose any of the six cars specific to MindRacers, the app will know which one you picked. Find a worthy opponent and go! No two races are the same. Watch this video to see how it works here:


Check out the Osmo Hot Wheels™ MindRacers tech kit or any of our other amazing one for free! Happy racing!
About Author
Kimberly Hwa Davis, Community Learning Specialist
Kim is a Community Learning Specialist for the Do Space team. She leads Littles Lab and Junior Makers programs.