Do Something Great This Summer with Do Space! Need ideas on how to keep busy or learn something new? Check out our list below for inspiration! 

  • Start to master Adobe programs with our Illustrator & Photoshop Basics webinars
  • Get your business idea off the ground! Visit startomaha.com
  • Invigorate your employment profile through LinkedIn
  • Take a free online course through Harvard University
  • Start a blog
  • Download a language app and teach yourself a foreign language
  • Improve your statistics knowledge with free online courses
  • Learn a new Excel function
  • Take on the #100DaysOfCode Challenge
  • Attend our Small Business Webinar or Quickbooks webinar to learn about important resources.
  • Learn how to create digital drawings with Inkscape
  • Find a new Podcast
  • Take a Virtual Museum Tour and explore over 2500 museums around the world.
  • Learn how to make a 3D Model. 
    • Tinkercad is a free, online 3D modeling program that runs in a web browser.
    • Take your creation one step further and bring it to life with Tinkercad Circuits
  • Take a free online art course through New Yorks’ Museum of Modern Art
  • Learn Sign Language
  • Learn how to code in Swift. Requires an iPad or Mac.
  • Boost your career skills with Coursera and Open Culture
  • Watch an education documentary provided by Netflix (for free!)
  • Enhance your reading skill and comprehension with Spreeder
  • Boost your public speaking skills with a free online class from the Rochester Institute of Technology! 
  • Start to become a investment guru
  • Learn how to tackle becoming an entrepreneur in our changing economy!
  • Find your inner balance with free online yoga classes
  • Brush up on your HTML & CSS Coding skills with our online webinar
About Author
Allison Bartlett

Allison Bartlett is the Director of Community Learning for Do Space