How to report spam text messages

Did you know that you can report those annoying junk or spam text messages you receive from time to time? While you can always block the number that sent the message, that will not get to the root of the problem. A better way is to report the spammer to the Global System for Mobile Communications Association or GSMA. The process is a simple one regardless of your cell phone carrier. Simply forward the offending message to SPAM (7726) and follow the instructions you receive. Forwarding the message will immediately report the sender to the GSMA’s Reporting Service. Alternatively, you may be able to report the sender via your device’s messaging app, although that method can be hit or miss. Using the above method you can be sure the senders days of spamming junk text messages are numbered.

Here’s a quick video showing how to complete this process on your own.

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Arian Avant

Arian Avant is a Community Technologist here at Do Space.