You’ve got a big imagination and Do Space loves helping you bring your ideas to life. So many incredible things have been created in our 3D Lab since we first opened and now we’ve got something new for you!

The Glowforge Pro laser cutter/engraving machine is the newest piece of equipment available to members in the 3D Lab. Joining our existing Universal Laser Systems VLS 2.3, the Glowforge Pro boasts a larger print bed, a more powerful laser, and faster speeds!

A lid-mounted camera shows you a live preview of thel inside the Glowforge, allowing for precise placement and more efficient use of your materials. It also does all the focusing for you and can even scan your hand drawn images or writing in order to add a more personal touch to your engravings. The Glowforge software is intuitive and user-friendly, perfect for those new to the world of laser cutting and engraving.

Another feature that we’re super excited for is the Glowforge Pro’s Passthrough slot! This gives you the ability to cut and engrave materials 19.5 inches wide and potentially infinitely long! We’re still working out the details with this one, so start thinking of all the possibilities now and we’ll let you know when it’s ready!

CLICK HERE to reserve the 3D Lab and try out the Glowforge Pro today!

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Kristina Jonker, Community Technologist