Do Space welcomes 3 new Pocket Operators to our Tech Kit line up this winter: the PO-14 Sub, the PO-20 Arcade, and the PO-33 K.O. The Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators are calculator-sized programmable music production units, each with a specific sound focus. Our Sub is great for programming bass synth patterns, the Arcade is great at 8-bit arcade sounds, and the K.O. has a sampler so you can record your own sounds and put them in the mix (see video below).


In addition to the three Pocket Operators, the tech kit also includes headphones and three audio cables that can be used to chain the operators together. Once chained, they can be synced up and all played together for lots of musical possibilities.

More links with specific information on the operators can be found below:





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Weston Thomson, Director of Community Learning