In our fall Make.Hack.Build. session, twelve participants spent twelve weeks learning how to mobile apps with Adobe XD, MIT App Inventor, and App Lab. Eight participated in their own showcase.

National Parks Locator by Simón

Simón made an app mockup that helps people find interesting parks near them. The app used geolocation to pull in local park data and then sorted them into different park categories such as national, state, and city.  He used Adobe XD to focus more on design rather than code.

Memory Helper by Lola

Lola coded an app that helps people who have memory problems and anxiety. The app itself had several functions such as a notepad, drawing pad, reminders, item finder, and accountability partner. The drawing and note pads are for helping users calm themselves in stressful situations. The item finder and reminders aided users in keeping track of events and things. The accountability partner is to help users stay on track with friends. Lola used App Lab to code her app.

Speech To Text by Le’Anthony

Le’Anthony coded an app that aided the hard of hearing with daily conversations. The app simply had the user record their conversations and displayed the text whatever size they needed it. It also allowed the text to be edited to clarify any misunderstandings. Le’Anthony coded his app in MIT App inventor.

Homework Tracker by Harshi

Harshi designed and coded an app for helping her keep track of her homework. In the app in separated homework by different types such as projects, tests, and homework. Users could add their alarms and have the app notify them when each project is due. Harshi used Adobe XD to design the app and MIT App Inventor to code her app.

Solar Box by Ethan

Ethan created an app that helps people create their own solar boxes when they are in need of power. The app could be made available at libraries during times of crisis. The app guides users on how to create the solar box with a step-by-step tutorial. Ethan programmed the app with the MIT App Inventor.

AlarmMe! by Viraj

Viraj coded AlarmMe to help people prepare their transportation trips when the weather is bad. AlarmMe checks your local weather and sets your alarms to go off an hour earlier to help you get ready sooner. Viraj used MIT App Inventor to create his app.

Voice Coach by Gwyn and Max

Gwyn and Max created an app that teaches users how to sing. In Voice Coach, users could practice singing and compare their voices to other users. They also added leaderboards and levels for competitive singers to have more of a challenge. They coded their app in MIT App inventor.

All our participants did a fantastic job at their showcase! The next Make.Hack.Build session’s topic is game development. You can read more about Make.Hack.Build. and apply for the winter 2020 session here.

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Ruth Williams, Community Learning Specialist
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