Hey Omahans, wondering how to keep up with your grocery needs? Here’s info on local store hours and services, grocery delivery options, and things to keep in mind when deciding how to shop.

We will work to update this blog with store hours and services. Is something missing or in need of an update? Let us know at hello@dospace.org


Store Hours and Services

Stores with special shopping hours for high-risk customers:

Family Fare Supermarket: All stores

  • Normal hours of operation (open 6 am – 11 pm)
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 am – 9 am are reserved hours for older adults, pregnant women, and immunocompromised individuals

Fareway Meat & Grocery: All stores

  • Open 9 am – 7 pm Monday – Saturday
  • Open 8 am – 9 am to patrons 65+, expecting mothers, and those with increased susceptibility to serious illness

Hy-Vee: All stores

  • Open 8 am – 8 pm
  • Open at 7 am for patrons 60+ and those with underlying health conditions
  • Food service areas operate during normal hours for carry-out only
  • All dining areas closed
  • Convenience stores open normal hours

Target: All stores

  • Open normal opening hour – 9 pm (opening hour varies by location)
  • First hour of shopping on Wednesdays reserved for the elderly and those with underlying health concerns

Walmart: All stores 

  • Open from 7 am – 8:30 pm 
  • Senior shopping for patrons 60+ on Tuesday mornings one hour prior to store opening hours (pharmacy and vision centers also open at this time)
  • Vision Centers will operate on normal schedule
  • Auto Care Centers closed

Whole Foods: 10020 Regency Cir.

  • Open 9 am to 8 pm
  • Senior shopping for patrons 60+ at 8 am (one hour before stores open to public)


Stores without special shopping hours for high-risk customers:

ALDI: All stores

  • Open 9 am – 7 pm
  • Some stores may have limited hours

Asian Market: 321 N 76th St.

  • Normal hours of operation (open 9 am – 8 pm)


  • Normal hours of operation (vary by location)
  • 888 S Saddle Creek Rd.: 6 am – Midnight

Costco: 12300 W Dodge Rd. 

  • Open 10 am – 8:30 pm Monday – Friday, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm Saturday, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Sunday
  • Clubs will control the number of members shopping at a time

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market: 14949 Evans Plaza & 13215 W Center Rd.

  • Normal hours of operation (7 am – 10 pm)

Natural Grocers: 7831 Dodge St.

  • Open 8:30 am – 7:35 pm

Nuestra Familia: All stores

  • Normal hours of operation (6 am – 11 pm)

Sam’s Club: All stores

  • Open 9 am – 8 pm Monday – Saturday, open 10 am – 6 pm Sundays
  • Prescheduled Club Pickup orders can still be picked up as early as 7 am

Super Saver:

  • Open 6 am – midnight
  • The use of reusable shopping bags is discouraged

Trader Joe’s: 10305 Pacific St.

  • Open 9 am – 7 pm

Wohlner’s Neighborhood Grocery & Deli: Midtown Crossing Shopping Center

  • Normal hours of operation (open 7 am – 9 pm weekdays, 7 am – 7:30 pm Saturdays, 8 am – 7:30 pm Sundays)


Grocery Delivery Options

Order online and drive up to have your purchase brought to your car at: Target, Walmart, Hy-Vee, Sam’s Club, Costco, Bakers.

Shopping with EBT? Nebraska is expected to implement the EBT Online Purchasing Pilot in the next few months. The pilot program is currently being launched in several states.


Store options vary by location. Not all of the stores listed may be available in your area.


  • Store options: Sam’s Club, ALDI, CVS Pharmacy, Petco, Family Fare, Super Saver, Hy-Vee, Target
  • Rated as most effective by USA Today
  • Charges: $7.99 ($3.99 delivery fee, $2.00 service fee, $2 recommended tip for the driver)
  • Free delivery on first order
  • No-contact delivery option available
  • Follow these tips for using Instacart during the pandemic


  • Store options: Hy-Vee, Office Depot and OfficeMax, Petco, Sur la Table, Target, Costco, CVS + more
  • Charges: $14 a month for monthly plan or $8.25 a month for annual fee ($99 billed annually)
  • Free delivery on orders over $35 with monthly plan
  • No-contact delivery option available


  • Store options: Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh, Prime Now
  • Services limited due to increase in demand
  • No-contact delivery option available for purchases not including alcohol


  • Four locations offer delivery in Omaha 
  • Charges: $7.95 – $9.95 delivery fee depending on order
  • Must order at least $30 worth of groceries 


  • Partners with third-party delivery services
  • Charges: $4.95 delivery fee on orders under $100, free delivery on orders over $100


  • Delivery availability varies by location
  • Charges: $9.95 delivery fee with a minimum $30 purchase

Keep in Mind

Shopping in-store:

  • Individuals who are elderly or immunosuppressed are advised to ask someone to shop for them. If your family members or neighbors are high-risk, offer to make grocery runs for them.
  • Stores may establish quantity limits on high-demand goods. 
  • You may have to do without reusable tote bags for groceries. (At this time, only one store on our list is making this request of shoppers).
  • Disinfect the handles of carts and baskets. Bring your own sanitizing wipes. Follow CDC guidelines on protecting yourself from the spread of COVID-19.
  • Grocery store employees are working hard to keep stores clean and stocked. Show them extra kindness (from a distance of at least 6 feet).


Grocery delivery:

  • Expect delays. Demand for grocery delivery has drastically increased due to the pandemic, which is overwhelming delivery services. Time windows for placing orders and expecting same-day delivery will be shorter. Plan to order earlier than usual. Practice patience as you complete, await, and receive your order.
  • If you are a highly particular grocery shopper, be prepared to give up a good deal of control when you order groceries for delivery. 
  • Some stores offer a third option to ship groceries to your home. Evaluate your needs and place an order ahead of time to beat the rush of grocery shopping or delivery.
  • Credit or debit cards are required for placing most online orders. EBT cards cannot be used at this time.
  • Opt for no-contact delivery (unless you’re buying alcohol). Write a note for the delivery driver to leave the groceries at the door if the app or website doesn’t give you an option for no-contact delivery. After receiving your order, be sure to wash your hands. Follow CDC guidelines on protecting yourself from the spread of COVID-19.
  • Be sure to tip delivery drivers. Shoppers and delivery drivers are working hard to help us keep our homes stocked with food. Show them extra kindness.


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