You may be finding yourself with a little more time at home lately than you’re used to—and, at
first, that’s great! But once you’ve binge-watched a couple of shows and done all those chores
you’d been procrastinating on, you may find yourself wondering what to do next. May I suggest
If you don’t have a ton of books on hand, fear not! While the libraries are all currently closed, a
lot of websites, authors, publishers, and audiobook services are currently offering their content
for free! Below is a lengthy (though probably not comprehensive) list of places to get free
eBooks and audiobooks at the moment, grouped (more or less) by type of content. Enjoy!

1. Audiobooks

  • Audible has a bunch of audiobooks for children available for free at this link.

2. Genre-Specific eBooks

  • If you love reading classics like “Little Women” or “Pride and Prejudice,” this site has
    links to 25 different places to find free eBooks of titles in the public domain.
  • Several horror writers are currently offering their works for free or for just a dollar; a
    list of available works can be found here.
  • If scholarly works are your jam, a list of academic journals offering some or all of
    their content for free (as well as dates when it will stop being free) can be found here.
  • This site has a list of 450 volumes of manga being offered for free and how to find

3. eBooks in General

  • Amazon is offering two free months of their Kindle Unlimited service (just make sure
    to cancel after those two months if you don’t want to pay $10 a month to continue).

4. Specific Titles

  •  The eBooks at this link, from Apex Book Company, are available for free until March
  • Haymarket Books is offering ten of their eBooks for free through April 1 at this link.
  • All 54 titles in the Animorphs series are available here.

5. Something to Watch

  • Love books, but still yearning for things to watch? Try these talks from authors
    whose books are coming out soon and authors who had planned to be on book tour.
  • If you’ve ever wanted Neil Gaiman to read you The Graveyard Book, or wondered
    how Coraline would sound if each chapter was read by a different famous author,
    this website has just the videos you’re looking for.
  • The Everywhere Book Fest, taking place online on May 1 & 2, will feature panels,
    demos, stories, and Q&As with picture book, middle grade, and young adult authors.
  • If you have kiddos you would normally take to storytime, several public libraries are
    currently offering their storytimes via livestream or on YouTube, including these folks
    from the Burton Public Library.
  • You can also hear several published authors reading some of their favorite works for
    Operation Storytime.
  • This Facebook page has daily storytimes in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin.
    You can also hear stories read to you in Spanish any time by going to this link—the
    text of the story is featured on the page, so you can read along!
  • And, for something a little extra fabulous, consider watching a Drag Queen Storytime
    on April 1 st !

Hopefully, this list has given you some good options for eBook, audiobook, and storytime
content. If you know of any we missed, please do share them in the comments! Happy reading
(and listening!)

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